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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Introduction & Purpose

I run several blogs which keeps me quite busy, but I still felt the urge to begin one more. 

Each of my blogs has a place to include learning for children, but none of the blogs really allows a parent or teacher to access the themes or topics easily.  I am hoping that Makin' Magic can do just that.

I will be cataloging things I do with my children at home, my children at school (kindergarten age) and things I find around the web.

I hope you will find this site helpful and pass it one to friends and family whom just might be able to use some of the activities with the children in their lives.

Merry Meet!
Pink Fish

*Note*  If I post a learning activity on one of my other blogs and feel it has a place here as well, I will repost the same article on Makin' Magic.

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  1. ~so so sweet and may i say you are one busy little one...look forward to what is to come...brightest blessings~