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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Research With Young Children

We are beginning a research unit in kindergarten next week.  I came across a site that listed the following links.  Many of these are very appropriate for younger learners while some are definitely for older kiddos.

Hope this helps you and your family find out some interesting things about the world around us.

Kid Info
tons of topics... lots of links... appropriate for early elementary
younger children will need mom's assistance

Ask Kids
kid friendly layout and design... search for topic results in a list of sites and possibly a photo and brief description

Kid Click
over 600 topics of high kid interest are only a click away...  some of the sites that are listed are a bit advanced for younger learners

at first glance, the site has lots of bore factor... upon further exploring (no pun intended), the site is actually on of my favorite so far
click a subject... get a brief description based on your needs (easy or hard)... look through tons of links... try out some of the suggestions on how to explore the topic further (activities to consider)

Fact Monster
kid friendly layout and design... tons of topics... probably more suitable for mid to upper elementary

Awesome Library
tons of topics, but not easy to access what you are looking for... must click several links to reach usable info... most likely better for upper elementary

Digital History
an attempt to make history come alive... lesson plans, resource guides, learning modules, handouts and fact sheets, and explorations
definitely not for the younger learners

America's Library
will reach a variety of learning styles... meet and learn about a multitude of famous Americans... be a super sleuth, games and stories, music, quizzes, and more

Educational Resources

Teach the Children Well

Science Reference Desk

Science Gems

Library Links

Google Maps

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