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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth Day Books

Earth Day is this Wednesday, April 22, 2010.  In honor of Earth Day, I will be spending an entire week on eco-friendly ideas and green living.  Of course, this will be aimed at 5 and 6 year olds, so it will not be too in depth.

First off I must say it has been much harder than I expected to find quality literature and ideas on the topic.  I had to search for days and barely made a week's worth of lesson plans.

Recommended Books...

  • little helpers by Green Start... This book is made from 98% recycled paper.  I purchased it at the local Barnes and Nobles.  It is a small, but sturdy board book.  It is perfect if you have a toddler who will want to get his/her hands on the book.  This books is written in simple verse that is easy for even the youngest readers to understand.  Each page lists something small a person can do and the impact that small something has on the environment.  For example:  When I put a feeder in the backyard, the birds have food to eat.  The back of the book gives suggestions on how to get young children involved in helping the environment.
  • Earth Day- Hooray by Stuart J. Murphy...  This book is one in many that has been written for the Math Start Series.  It not only has great information about recycling cans, but also goes into place value.  the gist of the story is that some children are cleaning up the park for an Earth Day celebration.  They want to purchase flowers to make the park more inviting.  To raise the money for the flowers, the children must take 5,000 cans to the recycling center.  This story shows how the children campaign to raise the money while helping the environment.
  • It's Earth Day! by Mercer Mayer...  Before the story even begins, there is a list of 10 Ways to Help Save the Planet.  Things are the list are as simple as turning off items as you leave the room.  The story goes through several topics of importance in regards to saving the environment.  Included are topics such as global warming, reducing, reusing, & recycling, planting trees, and helping out the animals.  After reading this book, your child will have a much "greener" vocabulary.  He/she will also understand that spreading the word about how to help the environment and implementing small changes in our daily lives can add up to a BIG difference.
  • Biscuit's Earth Day Celebration by Alyssa Satin Capucilli...  Biscuit listens to his sweet master as she explains simple ways to help our planet.  He gets into a little mischief along the way.  Simple and perfect.
  • Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day by Jane O'Connor...  Nancy may not like the color green, but she sure likes being "green".  Learn some clever rhymes to help you remember a few ways to green your family, but remember to be respectful of everyone.  Compromise is important on your "green" journey.  The plus with this book is the fancy vocabulary that will be introduced and reviewed.  Don't forget to go over the new words after the story is finished.
  • Why Should I Recycle? by Jen Green... Learn how and why recycling is important.  Also learn how the things we recycle are reused to make new products.
Books I Do Not Own...
** I have read other books by the author and would think these should be great choices

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