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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Rules and Jobs

My most recent lesson plan uses the fairy tale, The Three Bears to learn about family rules and household jobs.

Ask: Who are the members in the bear family? What kind of jobs do you think each family member has?

Read The Three Bears.

List characters, actions, and reasons on a chart tablet.

State: Yesterday we discussed the members of the bear family. Who are the members of the bear family again?

List the 3 family members generically at the top of a chart tablet.

Ask: Who is the authority figure in the family? Who do you think is in charge? Why?

Star the authority figures in a home.

State: I bet the bears have different jobs depending on who they are.
What kind of jobs do you think Papa, Mama, and Baby have?

Watch the YouTube Video: Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Favourite Fairy Tales.  It is posted on this site under fairy tales.

Discuss the characters (animal or people in the story) and setting (where the characters are).

State: After discussing jobs in a family and watching another version of The Three Bears,
What kind of jobs do the members in your family have?

List the jobs under the appropriate heading on the chart.

State: We have been talking about various jobs different family members might have.

Ask: Why do you think jobs are important? What are some reasons for having jobs? to earn money or to provide a service

Read different version of Three Bears.

Discuss different kinds of rules that might be important within a home.

Create a web with suggested responses.

When finished ask: What are some important reasons for having rules? to provide for order, security and a safe environment. How do these rules get enforced? time out, natural consequence, grounding, etc.

Read another fracture fairy tale of The Three Bears.

Create a Venn Diagram comparing two different version of this classic fairy tale.

Discuss how some of the rules or jobs might be different for the characters of the various stories.

Consider creating a chart to list some of those differences.

Review what has been learned about rules and jobs within a home. Ss will draw one important rule and one important job they have at home.

Read an alternate version of Three Bears.
Refer back to the original version. Use pictures in the pocket chart to sequence the story.

Demonstrate how to assemble the story into a retelling flip book.

Ss will create flip book and practice orally retelling the story with a partner. No need to color pictures.

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