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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fairy Tales

We will be working on Fairy Tales during the next couple of weeks. We have read the orginal version of The Three Bears so far.

•We are discussing the characters, setting, and story events. (story elements)

•After several readings of the story, the children will color a set of sequencing cards and put the story in the correct order. (sequencing)

•They will be able to use these cards to retell the story to a friend. We will focus on retelling a story using some of the same langauge as the text. (retelling)

•We will also read several alternatives to this well loved classic.

Several Fractured Fairy Tales:

•Somebody and the Three Blairs
•Who's Been Eating My Porridge
•Goldilocks Has Chicken Pox

There are many other versions, but these are some of my favorite.

The next two fairy tales we will focus on are The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Some Fractured Fairy Tales for Both of These Titles:

• Three Armadilles Tuff
• The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
•The Three Little Fishes and the Big Bad Shark

When working on reading comprehension, sequencing a story and retelling with young children, here are some ideas to consider:

•create characters puppets or pieces of art using a print-out from the internet, a tracer (trace, color, cut, and add detail), or construction paper: discuss what you know about the character, what you can assume from the words and pictures in the story, etc.)

•draw or recreate (using construction paper and various other art supples) the setting of the story

•print out sequencing cards or flannel board pieces from the internet: Have your child color the pictures and place them in the correct order. If needed, have your child use the book as a reference.

•retell the story orally using the language from the story: Use any propts made previously to assist in the retelling. Consider putting on a puppet show for the family or friends.

The above are only some basic ideas to work on in regards to reading comprehension. I hope it is enough ideas to at least get you started at home.

If you have any additional ideas, please leave me a comment. I am always looking for new ideas.

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