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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Muncha, Muncha, Muncha

This is one of my favorite books when I am studying plants. In this story, Mr. McGreely wants to have a vegetable garden. He finally decides to plant one, but there is a big problem. Three little bunnies keep eating his veggies. Read this beautifully illustrated book to find out how Mr. McGreely tries to keep the bunnies from his veggies.

Activities to Consider:

1. Compare Muncha, Muncha, Muncha with The Story of Peter Rabbit. How are these two stories the same? different?

2. Start a story journal. Get a composition notebook (much sturdier for little hands). Write your child's name on the front cover. Have your child record different things in the journal after hearing a story.

* Draw a picture of your favorite part.

* Stop before finishing the story and draw a picture of what you think will happen. ETC.

3. Draw various vegetable/fruit shapes on the cardboard from a box of cereal. Cut out the shapes. Have your child trace and cut out the various fruits and veggies.

*Hang these from a wire coat hanger with yarn to make a mobile.

*Fold copy paper in 1/2 and glue one veggie/fruit on each page. Label the food. Allow your child to practice pointing to the words and reading them.

4. Have your child color a picture of a vegetable garden with crayons. After the picture is complete, you can have your child use green watercolors to paint over the entire picture.

5. Plant a small vegetable garden in your backyard.

6. Cut up various fruits and vegetables into bite sized pieces. Give your child bamboo skewers. Have your child pattern fruit onto the skewer. Eat as a healthy snack.

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