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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Piggy Bank Bonanza

My boys are fascinated with their piggy banks lately. I took advantage of this opportunity to get in a little natural learning.

Here are some of our discussions and activities:

•who has more money? less money? how do you know for sure?

•what is the name of this coin? what color is it? how much is it worth?

•how many __ do you have? do you have more __ or __? how do you know? prove it to me? which coin do you have the least amount of? are any of the coins "equal"?

•what do you notice about the coins?

•how are all the quarters the same? different? how are all the nickels the same? different?

•what is similar between a penny and a dime?

•sort by color, size, back design, etc.

•coin patterns

•coin rubbings

•coin book with a rubbing of the front and back of each coin, coin name labeled and the amount written in cent notation.

If you have any additional coin activities that you would like to share, please leave a comment and I will add them to the post. Have fun exploring money with you little ones.

TeachMama has made some additions to my post that you will truly love.

Counting Coins

Spend, Save, Give.

Thank you Amy for such wonderful kid friendly ideas. I will be heading out to IKEA soon for some jars ($1.99 each) of my own.

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