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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shapes Are Everywhere

This week my class used straws to make 2D and 3D shapes. The children were asked to make squares, triangles, rectangles, and rhombuses (diamonds).

The challenge... to make a pyramid, rectangular prism or cube. The challenge was on as excitement was building. At first, I got only 2D shapes: rectangles, squares, rhombus.

I suggested the use of a stapler and the creativity began. Rectangular based with line segments from each corner. Rectangular tops. Is that a rectangular prism I see? I look over and I have shape chains. The chain contains tons of 2D shapes all strung together.

Buzzz.....Buzzzz.....Buzzzz..... Can you hear the excitement?

I think the buzz was heard all the way down the hall.

How Do You Make Straw Shapes:

1.Show the children several different examples of any shape made out of lines... older kiddos can be shown both 2D and 3D shapes.

2.Give each child a large handful of straws.

3.Demonstrate how to pinch the end of the straw together and insert it into the opened end of another straw.

4.Allow your child to bend and attach straws to make as many shapes as possible.

5.Shapes can even be linked together for another fun alternative.

6.Older children can use tape or a stapler and experiment with creating 3D shapes like cubes and rectangular prisms.

No straws on hand... experiment with using toothpick and marshmallows. The added bonus... getting to eat the shapes when you are done playing!

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