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Friday, July 15, 2011

GoGo Math: Part 2

Check out my previous post on GoGo Math to learn how to use GoGo's for addition and subtraction before reading this post.

Here's How To Play:

Write the numerals 0-20 on index cards and shuffle into a pile.  Lay the pile near the players face down.

Line up 10-20 GoGo's in a row on a hard surface such as a table top or hardwood floor. 

Select one of the GoGo's and flick it at the line up.  Try to knock down as many figurines as possible.

Count how many GoGo's are knocked down.

Draw a card from the numeral stack.

State if your # of GoGo's is greater than, less than or equal to the numeral on the card.  For example: you knock down 5 GoGo's.  The numeral on the card is 8.  You would state... 5 is less than 8.

It's that simple.

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