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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classroom Photos

My room is very simple.  Not much in the way of decorations and not alot of extras.  I could do alot more, but I like to allow the children to decorate with things they create.  I have also found that the simpler the room decor- the more calm the environment.

My room is not set up for centers as I follow a traditional workshop format for reading and writing.  Most of the time during reading and writing workshop that is all they are doing... reading and writing.  I save word work for a completely different time of the day.  This year I plan to have the kids come in and rotate through five activities at the beginning of the day before announcements.  By Friday, they should have completed all their jobs.

Below are the pictures I have taken of my room this year.

Our Welcome Banner as Viewed from the Doorway

Thematic Reading Books & a Student Desk Area

Up Close of the Book Bins

Our Computer Station and My Book Storage

Circle Spot and More of My Storage

Calendar, Alphabet Chart, and Daily Schedule...
Yes, I use a real calendar.  Pretty much that is it for calendar time.

Just Another View

Our Interactive Daily Schedule

My Thematic Units and Games

View from the Doorway

View From the Computer Station

If you noticed, there is no teacher desk in the room.  I have a small area near our window that just happened to be a mess the day I took pictures.  The table I use is half of one of the tables you see above.

Many children come in believing that because you are a teacher you know everything.  I believe in working with the children as a facilitator and guide in their learning.  I feel using the same desk as the children moves me one more step closer to being that facilitator in their eyes.  It also lets them know I am learning along side them every day.

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  1. Cute blog and very cute classroom! I'm a new follower :)

    Miss Kindergarten