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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Lately, we have delved into a study of fall.  In Texas, we do not get to cherish the true beauty of this season.  We have to do alot of reading and researching to view the changing of the seasons  in all their glory.

Below you will find some of my favorite fall activities:

1.  The seasons make a pattern: fall, winter, spring, summer.

Each kiddo selects a season and draws a picture.  Then, we take all of our pictures and create a pattern of the seasons. 

2. Comparing summer and fall. 
Below is a chart the class and I made together.  Sometimes, I do a venn diagram instead.

3.  Seasonal Trees
We made summer trees with lots of green leaves.  The children had to unscramble the letters in the word summer and place the letters side by side to make a word.

This was 2 lessons:
1.  what a summer tree looks like
2.  a word is a group of letters with no spaces between them.

We will create a tree for each season by the end of the year.  I will post our fall trees soon.

4.  The children wrote a goodbye to summer listing the activity they had the most fun doing.
We brainstormed tons of summertime activities before beginning the writing activity below.  The children had to share what they were going to write with a partner in a think-pair-share before beginning.  Then, the children had to prewrite by drawing an illustration of the activity in full color.  Finally, the children had to sound out their words and try to record a beginning and ending sound for each word in the sentence.

I will post the fall equivalent soon... Hello, Fall! I will have fun__.

5. We learned several things about fall and charted our learning:
  • different activities
  • kind of clothing worn
  • how the weather should change
  • & other characteristics the children may not have already known.

Books to Consider for Your Lessons:

Click directly on the book to take you to its amazon page.
Fall (First Step Nonfiction)
How Do You Know It's Fall? (Rookie Read-About Science)
When Autumn Comes

Here are documents I used for my lessons:

Goodbye, Summer! Hello, Fall!  ... for some reason google docs is not recreating the document exactly right.  There should be no space after the "I will have fun" on the second section.  If you know what I am doing incorrectly, please let me know.

Summer Word for Summer Tree... Not saving as a PDF.  How can I do this?  It is changing all my fonts.  Think that might be my orginal problem as well.

Fall Word for Fall Tree

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