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Saturday, March 27, 2010

May Basket

While looking for some activities to celebrate May Day, I came across several variations on the May Basket.  I took my favorite ideas from each post I found and combined them to come up with the following...


• paper doily or other paper cut in a 9" circle

• stapler or glue

• pipe cleaner

• hole punch

• scissors

• small fresh cut flowers with stems about 4" long or wildflower seed packets

• paper towel

• piece of aluminum foil

• handwritten poem

• blessing

• sweet treats (raisins, chocolate kisses, fortune cookie)


1. Cut a slit in the paper from one edge to the center of the circle.

2. Overlap the cut edges and twist the paper so that a cone is formed. Staple or glue the edge to hold the cone shape.

3. Punch holes on opposite sides of the top of the cone.

4. Form hooks on both ends of the pipe cleaner and put the ends through the punched holes to form a handle. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner around so that they stay in the holes.

5. Dampen the paper towel and squeeze out most of the extra water. Wrap the ends of the flower stems with the paper towel, then wrap with the aluminum foil.

6. Slide the wrapped flowers into the cone.

7. If you want to add a poem, blessing, or some sweet treats, now the time.

** Leave your May Basket on the doorstep of a friend or neighbor.  I am sure they will enjoy the wonderful surprise!**

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