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Friday, March 26, 2010

Seasons as a Sequence

Read a book about the seasons and brainstorm some activities for each of them. Talk about the seasons being a pattern that continues on and on and never stops... they are a cycle.

To show this seasonal pattern, make paper chains:

green (spring)
yellow (summer)
orange (fall)
blue (winter)

On each of the colored strips, glue an item to represent the season.

spring (flower)
summer (beach ball)
fall (acorn)
winter (snowman)

Once the strips are finished attach them into a chain.  Work together to attach each person's chain into one longer chain.

This can be harder than expected for the little ones.


1.  Discuss the pattern.  Say the pattern over and over again while clapping to the rhythm.

2.  Look at the chain and discuss that one cycle of the seasons equals one year.  Try to figure our how many years are represented on the chain.

3.  Start a Nature Journal.  Go outside and sit quietly for 10 minutes.  Draw and/or write about your observations.  Try to included as many of the senses as possible. 

This is a great time to review/ introduce the senses as well.

4.  Choose a special tree in your yard.  Take a photo of the tree.  Sketch the tree.  Be sure to go back during each season and do the activity again.  Compare the photos and drawings.  How are they the same?  different?

5.  Place a variety of small objects in a tub.  Have your child practice creating patterns. 

There are many great items to use:
  • buttons
  • legos
  • beads
  • keys
  • beans
  • pasta (different shaped or dyed different colors)
  • etc. 

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