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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Bolt Construction Set

I received a $1000 grant to purchase hands-on items for my kindergarten classroom from the local A+ Teacher's Credit Union. One of the many items I purchased was a Big Bolt Construction Set from Lakeshore. I would never have bought this item with my own money because $90 is alot for this toy, but it will work great for at least one of the standards my kindergarten kids must master: the student is expected to identify parts that, when separated from the whole, may result in the part or the whole not working, such as cars without wheels and plants without roots.

Since it is still about a month before school is starting I have been letting the boys slowly play with a few of my new classroom items. This construction set was a success!!!

Little J was able to ...


•use a wrench

•twist and turn the nuts and bolts

•enhance his hand eye coordination and fine motors skills

•and create his own designs

... all while using his imagination and most importantly having fun.

I guess if a toy really does all of those things and it isn't a one time wonder it might just be worth the money as a Christmas gift or something similar.

Even Daddy got in on the fun. Building just runs in the family. G built my last house. Honestly, electric wiring, framing, etc. He hired out stuff he just didn't want to bother with, but for the most part he worked on everything himself. T Man has been reading Lego direction since four and wants to be an architect when he gets older. I guess I'll have to wait and see about Little J.

Above is one of the many constructions we built during our playtime. We had so much fun.

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  1. Hello, I just came across your blog while trying to find the dimensions of Lakeshore's Big Bolt Construction set and I'm wondering whether you recall the rough dimensions and weight of this set. Thanks for any help!