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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Comes Next?

Another game I played with JJ this week was sequence. I bought a set of sequencing cards from Lakeshore. I chose the one for ages 3+.

Here is what we did:

1. We looked at all the pictures and sorted them into themes. There are several themes in one box. Some examples are riding a bike, throwing a stick for your dog, etc. each theme has 3 pictures in its sequence.

2. JJ chose the theme he wanted to place in order.

3. I touched each picture and said a sentence out loud that described the picture. For example: the girls are putting on their helmets.

4. Next, I asked Little J to tell me which picture goes first in the sequence. He picked up that picture and placed it in front of him on his left (the direction we read and write).

5. I continued to ask JJ which comes next and he continued to pick up the picture and place it next to the previous picture moving left to right.

6. Then, Little J touched each picture and told the story to me. For example: The girls get their helmets. They get on bike. They are riding their bike.

7. Finally, I touched the pictures and told the story aloud using correct grammar. I made sure to ask JJ if there was anything I left out and if he thought the story made sense.

Above you can see how Little J lined up his cards just so. He really wanted everything to be "perfect." I am really baffled by this cause no one else in the family seems to be as much of a perfectionist as JJ. BUT... it is a good quality to possess. Maybe I should take a few lessons. I'm just a mess. Anyways...

If your child is ready for writing, have him/her write a sentence to go with each picture. Even if he/she is not yet writing, you can start if your child knows the letter sounds.

Here is What You Should Do:

•Say each word slowly.

•Ask your child what sound they hear at the beginning of each word. Have your child only record the beginning sounds for each word in the sentence. No need for spacing at this point.

•Applaud their effort.

•Be sure though to remind your child that he/she is just learning to write and what he/she did is perfect. You however know how to spell the words because you have been writing for a very long time.

•Write the words correctly under your child's writing.

•Have him/her touch the words as you read the sentences aloud.

Have fun.

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