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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Learning About Characters

Characters are the people or animals in the story.  Sometimes a character is an inanimate object that has come to life such as a talking car or stuffed animals, etc.

Characters are the heart of the story.  Characters keep you coming back to read the story time and time again.

This week our focus was two fold:

*what do we know about the main character 

* & what are the character's actions and why did the character do what he did.

We have used several different stories in the past few days to learn about characters.  Below you will find a few of my favorites:

Max Lucado

Kevin Henkes

Rosemary Wells

Mary Whitcomb

Patty Lovell

In the photos above, you will see my two favorite ways to chart our responses: character web and a simple T chart.

What are some of the ways you teach characters to the little guys?

What graphic organizers do you find easiest for kinder kiddos to understand? 

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