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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shape Sort

Toward the end of our unit on shapes I introduce the children to sorting.  We sort by color, shape, and size.

I have a set of shape cards that are printed on 3 different colors of card stock.  I laminated them and cut them out to use in the pocket chart.

First, we practice sorting in the pocket chart whole group.  Once the class gets the hang of it we begin sorting through "silent teach".  The kids love this!!

Explain silent teach to the class by saying the following: 

Today we are going to practice sorting in a very fun way.  Silent teaching is when you learn through watching and doing without talking.  I will place this card (a picture of a stop sign would work great) in the pocket chart.  It means there is no more talking until I take the picture out again.

I am going to place several cards in the pocket chart and you will have to try to figure out where the next card needs to be placed.  After several turns, I will hold out a sorting title (color, shape, or size) and someone will have to label our sort.  We will do this several times.

Remember that the stop sign placed in the corner of the pocket chart means NO talking.  I will point to you when it is your turn to come up to the chart.  Let's begin.

You will do exactly as explained above.  Change up the sorts several times and make sure to allow each child at least one chance to come up and participate.

After sorting through silent teach, give the children a set of shape cards.  Have each child figure out a way to sort his/her cards. 

I try to pass out 3 different varieties (one for each... color, shape, and size).  This way the children are not looking at their neighbors and I can get a more authentic representation of what each child knows.

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