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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Shape Walk

Shapes are all around us.  We see shapes everywhere we go.  To teach shapes to little ones, you only have to go as far as the outdoors.

The Shape Walk
With so much time spent using electronics and indoors nowadays, getting the kiddos outside as much as possibly is a high priority for me.  So, we begin our unit with a shape walk. 

Before going outside, I show pictures of the shapes we will be looking for... circle, oval, triangle, square, and rectangle.  Then, we head outdoors. 

As we take our walk, I allow the children to take turns snapping pictures of the various shapes we encounter.  At a later time, these pictures can be used to create a photo story.

When the children locate shapes, I make sure they are using the appropriate vocabulary to identify it.  If not, I provide gentle reminders as needed.

When we return to the classroom, each child receives a 4 X 4 piece of white and draws his/her favorite shape from our walk.  We then use the pictures to graph the shapes.

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