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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Color Mixing

Learning is always most fun when it is something you want to do. Little J has been learning about how colors can be blended to create a whole new color. He knew that yellow and blue would make green, but he wanted to know if yellow and red would make his favorite color: ORANGE.

Jae gathered all the materials needed for this fun science experiment:


•red paint

•yellow paint.

First, I held the baggie open while Jae squirted in the red and yellow paint. Then, I zipped the baggie really tight checking to make sure it was sealed.

*note* It is helpful to leave a small amount of air in the baggie.

Next, Jae got to squish and squeeze the paint. He really got excited when the paint started to blend. He said that he just knew that it would turn ORANGE.

Little smarty pants.
Here Jae is showing off the new ORANGE paint. He informed me that now when he needs orange he can just make his own. No need for me to buy that color.

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