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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Being a teacher myself, I thought I would pass along some great ideas for end of the year teacher gifts. Teachers appreciate anything that is given to them from their students, but of course there are always the favorite gifts that you can remember most... or would like to receive again.

Before beginning your search for the perfect gift, check the teacher's website (or ask the office) for a list of personal favorites. I have been asked so many times in the past about what kind of things I like that I have created a list on my teaching blog. The parents have expressed many thanks for including this for them to peruse.

That being said, here are some of the gifts ideas I have personally used for my son's teachers, as well as, some especially memorable gifts I have received.

decorative clipboards... $25

jar of candy

personalized M&Ms

embroidered dishtowels


massage or facial

hanging basket

supplies for a favorite hobby

picture frames

fancy flip flops and a bottle of nail polish

book store gift card

coffee house gift card

free car wash gift card

homemade body scrub

homemade scrub directions and recipes

jar of appreciation

decorative clipboard diections

100 things we love about mrs. teacher

planted gift cards

create a CD... with some of your favorite songs or songs that have been popular during that particular school year

certificate for one free babysitting... Offer to watch the teacher's children while her and her husband go out on a Saturday afternoon.

homemade baked goods... sent in a nice container or on a nice serving platter

homemade flower vase... made with pencils... super cute

handpainted pots

potted plant... Wrap the bottom of the plant with tissue paper and some raffia. Type a nice note onto the plant and your done. OR Transplant the flower/plant into a unique container (watering can, old boot, glass jar, metal tub, etc.).

personalized school bag or shopping tote... Please remember that this person is not just a teacher. It is alot more meaningful if the tote is in a pattern that can be used in the summer as well as during the school year. Consider a monogram instead of Mrs. Teacher.

gift certificates...a teacher favorite (preferably not to a teacher store)

movie night basket... Buy a nice reusable wooden basket or metal picnic basket and stuff with the following: microwave popcorn, favorite beverage, favorite candies, throw blanket, and gift card to rent some movies.

date night... Purchase tickets to the local theater. Make sure it is enough to cover the movie and snacks. Write a nice note inviting the teacher to spend time with her husband or boyfriend.

dinner and a movie... Purchase a gift card to a favorite restaurant and rent/ regift an old favorite movie. The teacher will love being to go out and eat then come home and snuggle with the family.

after school relaxation... One year I got the teacher a copy of her favorite magazine, a Dr.Pepper, and large bag of peanut M&Ms. All of these items are some of her favorite things. I wrote a note asking her to take time for herself to relax because she deserved it. The teacher was very appreciative.

bed, bath, and beyond... A good book and quiet time are always a plus. Get a large, cozy bath towel. Wrap one of your favorite books (this could definitely be regifted) and some soothing bath salts or bubble bath in the towel. Tie off with a large ribbon. Consider dangling a sleep mask from the ribbon for extra decorative flair.

a gift of summer: beach towel, magazine and sun screen... all tied up with a pretty ribbon

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